Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to the special one

Assalamualaikum,hi readers,stalkers ~
birthday korang yaa hari ni ?
Happy Birthday ^__^
but but hari ni,tahu tak birthday sapaa ?
Har har,someone yg special dalam hidup yani~
Ngee~ Happy Birthday to my SNIA <3
You've turned 18 already.
Tak sangka kan kan.Cepat waktu berlalu.
Apapun,takmahu sedih sedih okay.
Go on walau apa pun yg berlaku.
Please never give up tau~
jgn lupa Allah SWT,utamakan Dia dari yani yaa~
Dia yg tentukan segalanya ~
Jgn lupa,you're never alone~
Allah,your family & me always stand by your side~
So,,go on !
I love you more than ever <3
thanks for make me smile =)
Lots of LOVE,

I love you.
p/s readers ; I will away for a few days,maybe.Take care yourself.

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